NSPF Aquatic Facility Maintenance Training

We offer a comprehensive NSPF aquatic Training program for pool service professionals and home owners.

We are one of only a few operators in Europe to successfully achieve this highest level of certification offered by the world leader in aquatic environment training the NSPF and offer both Certified Pool Operator (CPO®) - Certified Pool Inspector (CPI®) courses along with a range of Aquatic Management Specialty Seminars.

Regular training courses are provided at convenient locations across the island. For larger facilities (Hotels, Water-parks) who wish multiple members of staff to be trained we can offer private training courses at your facility.

We also offer training courses in the UK and Special training dates are held in other countries on request. Please Contact Us for more information on international training dates.

Who Should be Certified?

Guidelines recommend that any person who deals with the maintenance of an aquatic facility should have sufficient training to perform that role, it is also recommended that any supervisory/management staff also have equal training to ensure correct supervision of operators.

If the routine maintenance is provided by a third party operator the outside service technician should also be certified and fully insured as a pool operator.

Certification is a requirement of operator insurance policies, if your third party operator is not certified it is most likely they are also not insured putting the facility owners as further risk.

  • Pool Operator
  • Pool Maintenance Personnel
  • Facility Supervisors
  • Facility Manager
  • Third party Pool Technician
  • Lifeguards

NSPF® Certification Courses

Certified Pool Operator

Designed to provide individuals with the knowledge, techniques, and skills of pool and spa operations.
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Certified Pool Inspector

Designed to provide a standardised training program for health officials and pool operators on conducting pool and spa inspections.
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Home Pool Training

Home Pool Essentials

A 2 Hour Online training course introducing pool owners to the basics of pool maintenance.


A 1 day course with a certified instructor on the basics of pool maintenance.


A private course at your own home with a certified instructor.

NSPF® Aquatic Management Courses

Aquatic Risk Management

Recreational Water Illness

Emergency Response Planning

Aquatic Facility Audits